The look book was shot in the hometown of the designer, the infamous El Paso-Juarez border, in a Red Sands desert locally known for it’s unmonitored off-road gatherings, where hundreds of enthusiasts show up on the weekend with their 4x4 vehicles or even horses. The scene is out of a movie, with all types of vehicles zooming through, latin music blasting from trucks while bonfires light up the sky. This location, as well as hanging out in Ciudad Juarez, is the places in which Romina grew up and calls home. The vision of the look book shows a desert girl gang, off-roading in flowy dresses or graphic tees and leather pants, with the custom stiletto cowboy boots. Girls taking over off road vehicles usually driven by the men, in outfits considered on one end feminine and on one end masculine, portrays the idea that women don’t have to look a certain way to play the part, and furthermore can be “both”, removing the box from which we often find ourselves in. To complement the look book, an editorial video directed by Romina and local filmmaker Paco Ibarra, shows the movement and chaos of the capsule, filmed entirely on a 4K drone.

Photography for girls shoot by Sergio Acosta.

Photography for boys shoot by Manny Soto.