Infinite Resort is a creative multimedia platform connecting nature to humanity. Dedicated to exploring the beauty and diversity of Earth by creating meaningful content, our mission is to push the talk on conservation by changing the way we interact with our environment, forging deeper connections with Mother Nature and the cultures that live within it. 
Humans want to save what they love. By immersing our viewer in nature through different mediums, founder Romina Cenisio believes in the impact of powerful media - the more we explore the world and share our stories, the more connected we feel to our planet and our desire to preserve it - healing ourselves and the Earth in the process.  
Past Projects:
The NatGeo Capsule: Launched on Earth Day 2019, Infinite Resort debuted a capsule collection of sustainable dresses made from recycled materials. Each style takes you on a journey around the world using prints in an exclusive, first-of-its-kind collaboration with National Geographic photographers. The dresses featured colorful imagery of the elements - Earth, Air, Fire, Water - and tell stories through the work of these esteemed photographers, who have dedicated their lives to capturing the beauty of our planet.
Welcome to Infinite Resort, short film: Directed and narrated by Romina, a short video foreshadowing the future of the platform, the film delves deeper into the story of Infinite Resort through live footage captured along the border of El Paso-Juarez, Cenisio's hometown, where the collection was shot.
The travel zine: The inaugural issue of the Infinite Resort Travel Zine explores El Paso-Juarez through photography and words. Cenisio takes readers on a visual road trip to 10 destinations along the border - from remote deserts and hot springs to safe space art studios employing indigenous women and historic murals with a local rapero. The zine also features exclusive interviews with Stephen Alvarez, Frans Lanting, Bruce Omori, and Andy Mann - the four National Geographic photographers who collaborated with Infinite Resort - giving them a platform to tell the story behind their original photographs.
Welcome to Infinite Resort.

Earth Day 2019 campaign