A curated audio experience fusing science with sound.

Infinite.wav is a bioacoustic therapy experience made for NTS Radio, inspired by the studies of ecotherapy, which is the field of research that studies and highlights the positive effects of connecting with nature and how it can reduce symptoms of modern afflictions such as anxiety and depression. I’ve thought about this a lot, especially this year as Covid has forced so many of us to stay inside. However, no matter where you live, every human on Earth can benefit from spending more time in the natural world. And while there is no substitute for nature itself, these benefits can be reaped through other senses, including sound.

For one hour I’ll take you on an immersive, meditative audio journey through our planet, infusing nature sounds with ecologically sensitive music. We’ll go through forests, rivers, oceans, underwater swims with whales, rain storms and jungle nights. While our modern surroundings might not show it, most of the human experience evolved intimately tied to this fundamental force we call Mother Nature and I personally believe that we need to be exposed to it as much as possible in order to thrive. Welcome to Infinite Resort. Relax and enjoy the journey.

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