Window 9: Earth

In todays’ window, we explore Earth and its extensive, unique animal kingdom. Throughout history, human qualities can be drawn from animal symbolism. Indigenous cultures all over the world worship animals, big and small, highlighting the importance of each one’s role within their ecosystem. Even the smallest animals are seen for their positive qualities such as survival and determination. Through studying animals, we have a reflection of every human experience: marriage, survival, death, etc. Chameleons for example, symbolize the importance of being adaptable, sensitive and having clairvoyance. They encourage you to be resourceful and have patience.

Each and every animal symbolizes something and is crucial to the web of life and existing in harmony with one another. The crocodile, with the most deadly bite in the animal kingdom, allows a small plover bird to sit in it’s mouth peacefully as the bird picks food off its teeth, which in turn keeps the crocodile's mouth from suffering tooth decay. Something so ferocious, treating something so small with delicate respect, is a relationship of the symbiosis seen within the animal kingdom that extends to us as humans, being a crucial part of this planet’s community.

Music by Matias Milling