Window 7: Fire

Today’s window is the element of Fire and we focus on volcanoes and lava. Although at first glance we might consider volcanoes to be simply violent, there is so much more! Volcanoes have many positive effects for our planet: they provide nutrient rich soil for plants, new land for growth, build tropical islands, and even cool off the Earth. Our atmosphere and the source of all water we have today is because of volcanoes. All our oceans? We can thank volcanoes.

In this way, volcanoes are a way Earth gives birth to itself, we see life would not be possible at all without them. In today’s video, we refer to Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes and fire. Pele is honored for her wild, unpredictable ways and is seen as a character-builder for humans. She presents us with challenges with the intention to make us grow and become stronger. With volcanic eruptions comes regeneration, renewal, and rich fertile land prepared with all the nutrients for lush growth.

Infinite quote of the day:
Even the most seemingly unpleasant situations - if you align with it, something will emerge from that.
- Eckhart Tolle

Music by Mabe Fratti