Infinite Resort is a creative studio focused on connecting nature to humanity. Our mission is to redefine travel and how we interact with the environment in order to forge deeper connections with our planet and the cultures that live within it.







Window 4: Water

The fourth window of our digital nature therapy series revolves around the element of Water. Today we focus on surfaces: oceans, lakes, rivers, waterfalls. Water represents life itself — birth, purification, protection, renewal. Water is essential for existence and both physically and symbolically washes away impurities.

The only observable element that can transform from a liquid to a solid to a gas, it exemplifies its power of transition and adaptability to recycle, metamorphosize, circulate. Today we look at surfaces — the perfect flow of water, whether it be from the endless waves of an ocean to the everlasting movement of a waterfall or river — naturally ease and calm the mind, putting us into a trance-like state of wonder.

Water does not resist, it flows.

Infinite Quote of the Day:

Life’s beauty is inseperable from its fragility. 

Music: Alegría by Chancha Via Circuito