Window 11: Fire

For today’s digital nature therapy, we have a very special dispatch from Palm Heights Resort in Grand Cayman: a Caribbean beach sunset from their tropical resort. Sunsets are one of the most beautiful visions we get to experience as humans on Earth. They represent the end of the day's cycle, where the difficulties of the day are laid to rest in the beauty of the sky. Today we ask you to just sit, watch, and immerse yourself in the sunset generously provided to us from Palm Heights, listening to the waves endless lapping against the shore. When travel opens back up, where’s the first place you want to visit? Palm Heights Grand Cayman is definitely #1 for us!

We caught up with Palm Heights about the importance of social and environmental responsibility in the tourism industry:

IR: How has Palm Heights reacted and been contributing to the local community in this uncertain time?

PH: We have teamed up with Meals on Wheels Cayman and local organizations to provide weekly meals for those in need on the island. Since the pandemic started and we had to shut the hotel, we have been dedicated to providing about 300 meals per week to the community. We have also donated hundreds of meals to the hospital here as a thank you to the doctors, nurses and front line workers that are doing such incredible work. This year Palm Heights will also offer scholarship funding to help a passionate Caymanian pursue an accredited hospitality program together with an active work experience program for local high school students.

IR: In what ways is PH striving to be more sustainable from a social or eco perspective? 
PH: Sustainability is very important to us at Palm Heights. During operations we use washable hand towels throughout public spaces across the property. This reduces the waste that would occur if we used paper towels. We also use large refillable Aesop bottles in all of our guest rooms as opposed to small disposable amenities. The hotel has sliding balcony and entrance doors which are engineered and sealed to minimise energy waste. This has a large impact across the whole property.  Lastly we endeavour to only sell reef friendly sunscreen. Many people don’t realise that many sunscreens include reef damaging chemicals and Grand Cayman is home to one of the worlds largest reefs. We are also home to ambassador divers who undertake lionfish culls for lionfish which are an invasive species and damage the coral reef.

Thank you Palm Heights for being a leader in social responsibility and for providing us with this beautiful and calming sunset!