Window 10: Air

In today's digital nature therapy window, we return to the skies and visit nature’s pollinators, with a special score by Alejandra Sabillon. If pollinators did not exist, neither would we or the world as we know it! Bees are hard workers, working within communities and social structures to pollinate each flower, keeping the lifecycle of crops and plants consistent. In doing so, they provide us humans with sweet, sweet honey.

Studies show, and even Einstein believed that, if bees become extinct humans will not survive more than four years after. Their work ethic combined with their ability to literally, stop and smell the flowers, is an enlightening reminder on the balance of life. As we navigate the uncertain waters of climate change and global warming, pollinators are more important than ever to keep the cycle of plants and animals in unison with our planet.

Infinite quote of the day:
Always go with your passions. Never ask yourself if it’s realistic or not.
- Deepak Chopra