Psychoterratica 1.0

is a short film studying the duality of identity in correlation to the detachment of our human experience in the wild. Recited excerpts from activist Gloria Anzaldúa’s book La Frontera, discuss the belief that La Virgen de Guadalupe was in fact Aztec goddess Coatlalopeuh, but was misunderstood by the Spanish. Is there a correlation between the stripping of identity and the disconnection we face as a modern society? Are we more disconnected to each other the more we are disconnected from our past? Whether it was a change of name watering down the Aztec goddess responsible for life, or centuries of grooming to live in air conditioned boxes, can reflecting the duality in ourselves and nature allow us to blossom from the collapse we’ve experienced as a collective human existence?

Psychoterratica: the term used to describe the trauma caused by distance from nature. The relationship involves a loss of identity, loss of an endemic sense of place and a decline in well being.

Directed by Romina Cenisio
Edited by Ali Asperheim

On view at Design Miami 2020 experiential installation through Space Tomorrow.