Dating back to 1981, Lincoln Park, or more locally known as Chuco Park - El Corazon de El Paso is a symbol and epicenter of Chicano history located under the highway on Durazno Avenue, containing community-organized murals as well as the location of legendary low-rider shows. The term Pachuco, slang for a subculture of Chicano culture, and popularized because of the style, originated in El Paso-Juárez in the 1930’s. This term is an endearing reminder of the roots of El Paso’s nickname “Chuco Town”.

Here I met with Mr. Crazy Chuco Town, a local legend and rapero, who was in prison for 10 years for gang violence. Since his release, he’s been an advocate for spreading the message that you’re more than your past, and your past does not define you or your future. He describes the life of a Chicano as “life in turmoil”, not American enough for America and not Mexican enough for Mexico. The Chicano movement was and is, among other things, a way for Mexican-Americans to create their own space—a third party in the middle of both cultures, Chuco Park is a symbol of Chicano pride of past, present, and future.